365.fintech is partnering with Speedinvest

The newly launched 365.fintech has been running for only half a year, but has already made its first major investment. The Slovak investment platform has invested with Speedinvest, a leading European venture capital fund.

365.fintech is one of the key pillars of the 365 ecosystem. It is being set up as an investment platform that focuses on startups. In cooperation with the it aims to implement disruptive technologies from innovative companies that have the neccessary know-how while also helping these startups grow.

Speedinvest is an established major player on the venture capital market, having completed a number of investments as well as several successful exists. Currently,  the Speedinvest portfolio comprises companies such as Wefox, Flaviar, Wikifolio, Payworks, Curve, Cashpresso, Clausematch or Cyberwrite. Apart from funding, Speedinvest also provides its portfolio companies with operational support, advice and services ranging from business development, through hiring and up to internationalization of their business.

Recently, the Vienna-based company launched its new fund,  Speedinvest f, which is focused on investing in Fintech companies. The fund’s target verticals are, among others, payments, alternative lending, investment management or financial management solutions. The typical ticket size ranges from one to four million euro and investments are suitable for startups seeking funding in Pre-Seed up to Series B rounds. Geographically, the fund targets Europe as well as emerging markets.

"The Fintech revolution in Europe enters a new phase. Our task now is to support the best teams in Europe with 'smart growth capital' to conquer the entire European space and thus put into practice the vision of a 'Single European Financial Services Market'. During the past years, we came to successfully support a dozen of Fintech founders - now we’re dedicated to turn to the next wave of champions!”, emphasizes Stefan Klestil, partner at Speedinvest.

“For 365.fintech investing and partnering with Speedinvest is more than a logical step. Our aim is to go beyond money, and therefore, apart from providing funding, we also aim to establish a network and presence in the European VC market. Moreover, Speedinvest embodies strong entrepreneurial values and skills, which have proven them to be a very successful investor,” added Rudolf Vrabel, managing director of 365.fintech.

Speedinvest f has already announced that it closed its first three investments. The first one is a Brazilian company KOIN, which offers a post-purchase payment solutions as well as instalment loans at the point-of-sale of e-commerce merchants in Brazil. Additionally, Speedinvest f invested with Predictus, a French mobile bank providing microcredit in Emerging Markets. Lastly, the new fund has also participated on a €10 million funding for Lemon Way, a leading European Payment Platform.


About 365.fintech:

365.fintech is a CEE based investment platform focused on providing financing and support for early to scale-up stage technology startups focusing on innovative FinTech, InsurTech as well as Big Data startups with global aspirations. Besides financing, 365.fintech is uniquely positioned to enable its portfolio companies to develop, test and pilot their products and services in a live regulated setting.


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